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1 to 1 Portable Computer Labs for Primary Schools September 5, 2010

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As high schools enjoy the benefits of the Digital Education Revolution where all students in years 9 through 12 will be receiving their own netbook computer and wireless access across the entire school, K-6 schools are looking to also provide 1 to 1 access to computers for their students through the use of shared trolleys.

The same netbooks as those supplied to 2010 Year 9 students are now also available for public schools in NSW to purchase. The netbooks offer a more affordable alternative to desktops and full-sized laptops and their ultra-portable nature makes them perfect for use in classrooms where each student is provided their own netbook to use.  Battery life has increased and wireless speeds are suitable for large numbers of devices to connect at the same time. For under $20,000, a full classroom kit of 30 netbooks, two trolleys and two wireless access points can be procured and implemented. The vodcast below is a great starter for schools considering going down this path.

In addition, here is a handy set of work practises and rules you can adapt and adopt for your own requirements. I hope your investment in a portable computer lab for your school becomes a great success!  Please share your experiences in the comments below.