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About Podcast Lane

Just like the old song, “Podcast Lane is in my ears and in my eyes!“, this site is all about providing aural and visual stimulus in order to help teachers and schools with the often difficult task of change. As more and more Information and Communications Technologies are introduced into schools, there is more and more need for schools to change to incorporate these ICTs into everyday teaching and learning. 

We believe that blogging and podcasting are two activities teachers can introduce in their lessons which serve multiple purposes:

  1. A place for student work to be showcased
  2. An interactive forum where content can be discussed
  3. Motivating students by using technologies they can relate to and love
  4. A growing repository of school-developed resources that can be used by others

Podcast Lane is an initiative of the Sydney Region IT Services Unit of the NSW Department of Education & Training. We will be updating it regularly with new podcasts and vodcasts to assist teachers and schools that would like to do more with their ICT resources. If you or your school produce any podcasts that you think other schools could benefit from, we’d be happy to host them here with appropriate acknowledgement.  Just contact us with details via stuart.hasic”AT”det.nsw.edu.au

What Makes a Good Podcast?

There are many millions of podcasts available for download via the internet.  Many are not too good.  Here at Podcast Lane, we have four key criteria that all Podcasts must meet if they are going to be added:

  1. The content must relate to ICT in School Education
  2. The content must be brief and to the point (less than 4 minutes each)
  3. The audio must be clear and easy to understand
  4. The content must be supported by relevant links to additional information

As long as we stay true to these criteria, we know that Podcast Lane will be a useful resource for schools.  Of course, we also invite our readers, listeners and viewers to comment on the resources available here – your feedback is often as valuable as the podcast itself.  Please start or join in a discussion!

Also, make sure you check Our Other Sites – links can be found to the right.  We hope you like Podcast Lane and use the tools found here in your school.


The SRITSU Team.



1. Tony Searl - July 3, 2008

Thanks for the resources, fantastic for someone just learning about these topics.

2. Podcast Lane | Connected Classrooms - July 3, 2008

[…] Podcast Lane is a great resource, try it out, especially for new users. […]

3. Zak Zebrowski - January 12, 2012

Thanks for the instructions on the previous page for installing the mixer from the podcast studio page.

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