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Choosing a Blog-Hosting Service April 27, 2008

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Part 1: Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging
Part 2: Students Blogging in ClassBlogging Hosts
Part 3: Naming Your Classroom Blog

This is the fourth podcast in this series of classroom blogging and now we move onto the important step of selecting an appropriate blog hosting service for the great classroom resource we’d like to develop.

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Blog Host: EduBlogs.org
Blog Host: PodBean.com
Blog Host: WordPress.com
Individual Student Blogs: EduBlogs Campus

Click Play below to hear this podcast. If you have any questions or comments about blog-hosting services, just add them to the comments section.

(Duration 3:42)

Download this podcast to your PC or MP3 player. Any feedback or questions on this podcast? Just add them to the comments section. 



1. didlix - April 27, 2008

Thanks for the review, I think EduBlogs is almost certainly the place to start.

2. Maria M - May 24, 2008

Thanks Stu I am glad to hear the costing for upgrading if and when I need it. I have found edblogs very easy to get started on and to navigate. I have organised work on various pages and linked a few blogs together. It is working well so far, I’m not sure if I need to go to the next step but understand that I could do it with edublogs campus. What would be the advantage of the children all having their own blog in preference to a blog page on a common blog?
I am looking forward to the next podcast.

3. Podcast Lane - May 24, 2008

Hi Maria. Edublogs Campus provides an easy to use management setup where each student in a class can have their own personal blog, all configured under one set of rules. It’s not a bad option for those schools looking to take the next step in blogging after a single classroom blog (of course you could have several whole classroom blogs if you wanted before moving to individuals ones).

The big advantage is the individual blog can be a fairly open-ended individual portfolio for each of your students, but it will highlight those students who are not going so well with their blog as their individual efforts are on show for all to see. Also, the teacher must realise that it will be a bigger management role, overseeing 20 or 30 seaprate blogs to ensure students are using them appropriately.

Of course, with edublogs, you can start small, with maybe pages for just those 5 or 10 students who’d really like to do something on their own, then grow as you need to.

Unfortunately I’ve been tied up with a couple of big projects lately, but we’ll be back with more podcasts soon.

4. Victor Davidson - June 3, 2008

A really warm walk through. Thank you.

I have had my wordpress blog unblocked for Year 7 but that is view only. The filter prevents registering and so posting. Is the edublog site unfiltered for registering and posting?

5. Podcast Lane - June 3, 2008

Hi Victor,

I can’t confirm whether edublogs sites are totally unblocked via the NSW DET filters. I suggest you try visit some edublogs sites and see what you can and can’t do, both when logged on as a staff member and as a student.

6. msms - August 19, 2008

i just read through and listened to the podcasts and i found them very helpful, as they clarified for me what it is that i’m trying to do and that i’m on the right track. I’ll be sharing your site with colleagues. We were very inspired after a SDD in which you showed us that we needed to dive into web 2.0 and not be left behind. I created a blog and have convinced others to delve into them and see how they can be used as effective teaching and learning tools. They are all at different stages and i’m always looking for ways to encourage, support and assist. So, thank you for your assistance. The Student Internet Publishing permission note is great! Looking forward to the next lot of podcasts.

7. Podcast Lane - August 19, 2008

Hi msms!

You’ve chosen a nice template for your new blog and I see it’s coming along nicely. I’m sure you’ll inspire the other teachers at your school with your efforts, and I know the students will appreciate it.

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