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Setting up the Behringer Podcastudio April 16, 2008

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Since we presented the Behringer Podcastudio at ther Term 1 ICT Coordinator Days last month, there’s been quite some interest in the product from schools, with several schools now buying one from Computers Now. One thing missing from the bright yellow box it comes in is a clear step-by-step guide on how to put it all together so it works.

We’ve decided the quickest way to explain it to you is via a vodcast!  Yes, this is our first ever vodcast here at Podcast Lane and we hope to make many more in the future. Just click the Play button below and wait a little while it buffers. (Duration: 3:13)

If you have any technical questions about Podcastudio, try the Behringer support website here: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Support/index.aspx



1. Barbara Schaffer - April 17, 2008

Hi Stu,
I feel privileged to be the first person to comment on this great new podcast. Something tells me your video about how to set up the Behringer podcast Studio will prove seriously useful for those of us who are somewhat technically challenged . A picture is worth a thousand words when it come to explaining things and the vodcast allows you to use words,pictures and sound to get your message across. Not to mention the brilliant theme music . Soooo !!professional. I bet your daughter helped you.Keep up the good work.
PS.If you get a chance check out our little podcast .It’ s developing ……In the words of one of my favourite kinder children “I really think we’re on to something “

2. Kathy Gibson - April 18, 2008

Thanks Stu,
Your demonstration is clear and well timed. I have just passed the link on to other interested teachers.

3. Larry White - July 28, 2008

Hi Stu,
Thank you for your demonstration. I’ve looked many places I normally can get the information I need to make a purchase. They were all zeros when it came to the Behringer Podcastudio. Your vodcast was just what I needed and I’m now off to buy one. You should try and sell this to Behringer, from what I’ve read they need it.

4. Podcast Lane - July 29, 2008

You’re right Larry, this great product is not “sold” very well by the stores.

5. David - August 28, 2008

I’m getting no sound when I hit the record button. Just in he head phones not through the computer. What’s the problem??

6. Podcast Lane - August 28, 2008

Hi David,

Your question is not very clear.

– What software are you using to record with?
– What input have you selected in that software?
– Windows or Mac?

It’s a bit like saying “My foot is sore. What’s the problem??”

7. Wendy - September 9, 2008

The info on mics is great , you mentioned Mixcraft 4 software Audacity & GBand for the behinger Podcast studio. Wher can I check out Mixcraft 4 software (couldnt find it in downloads) Why do you recommend it over the other 2? Can we import to soundbooth/ Adobe premiere Pro?

8. Podcast Lane - September 9, 2008

Hi Wendy,

Mixcraft 4 information is here: http://acoustica.com/mixcraft/index.htm – Sydney Region of the NSW Dept of Education and Training have arranged a bulk-licence for Mixcraft 4 which means you can arrange to get licences for your school at a fraction of the price. Providing you are connecting from a computer in a New South Wales public school, you can visit this DET-Intranet site to get the details of this software bulk licence and others: http://sitwww.det.nsw.edu.au/sr

Yes, you can import into either of those products.

9. JL Estes - September 17, 2008

Aloha Stu,

Thanks for the demo!!

What is the firewire that comes with the upgraded podcastudio??
Is it necessary or rather what it is for??

10. Podcast Lane - September 17, 2008

Aloha JL!

According to Behringer, this is the difference:

USB Version:
“High-resolution 2 In / 2 Out USB audio interface with plug-and-play for Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems”

Firewire version:
“High-resolution 24-bit/96 kHz, 2 In / 2 Out FireWire audio interface for Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems”

Basically, if you’re really serious about recording in the best possible quality, go for Firewire – but also know this is usually an optional (inexpensive) interface on a Windows PC that you have to buy separately. It’s a standard interface on a Mac.

11. knipucitis - November 7, 2008

Hey, I think I have the same problem what David said and I dont know how to deal with it. I have a Mac and I was trying on Garage- doesnt record anything. Tried on Audacity- brings out error message: check input device settings and the project sample rate. I have selected USB Audio CODEC as the device and changed to that also in the system preferences. And another thing- when I listen something through my headphones- it’s extremely silent. Khm..what I am doing wrong?

12. Podcast Lane - November 7, 2008

You often get this problem if you plug cables around the wrong way. Are you sure you’ve set it up exactly as in the video?

13. Jake - November 13, 2008

Hi Stu,

I’m a complete beginner, so I apologize if this is an ignorant question, but will this setup work for a 2-person podcast? Will the additional inputs and outputs work for an additional microphone and headphones? Again, sorry if this is an ignorant question.


14. Podcast Lane - November 13, 2008

Hi Jake,

There are multiple inputs on the Podcastudio mixer, but all use a simple mono 6.5mm plug which you can get on many microphones. You can control the pre-amp volumes and balances separately for each channel.

There is only one headphone socket, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a splitter plug and plug in a second pair of headphones via that if you want to. Hope that answers.

15. Fred - December 27, 2008

Hi Stu,
Well your video says it all. I got one of these for Christmas from my wife and was going to make a basic video on the setup too. You did a great job and it took me awhile to find this video. Is there a chance of you making one showing how to hook up with the mic that came with it and an extra mic for 2 person podcast? Also, would you mind if I embed this video into my blog when I get it back up and running?

Thanks for the easy to follow and to the point instructions on the setup.

Fred G. (Iowa)

16. Podcast Lane - December 27, 2008

What a nice Christmas prestent this would make Fred! Beats socks and ties, that’s for sure. Glad the video helped.

In the answer to Jake (14) above, I refer to a headphone splitter to allow two sets of headphones to be connected to the podcastudio. Here is what I was referring to:


If you get a mono microphone with an an ordinary 1/4″ (6.5mm) one of the left or right sockets and turn the balance to that side. Here’s a pretty good quality second mic you can add to the kit:


Yes, you can use the video on your blog.

17. Fred - December 27, 2008

Yeah Stu,
It sure beats the socks and ties. Do you know if it is possible to hook up the A/V Cable from a digital camcorder to this podcast kit for the audio? If so, can you make a video for that or screenshots of how it would be hooked up please?

Thanks Again

Fred (Iowa)
P.S. I am glad I found your blog and hope when I get mine done it will be as good as yours.

18. Podcast Lane - December 27, 2008

Hi Fred. I’m sure it is possible but you’d need a speciality cable to do so. But I really think you’re going about it the wrong way. If it’s a digital video camera, why wouldn’t you export the footage to your PC using Movie Maker (or another video editing program) or to your Mac using iMovie, and then export the audio only to a file you can edit.

For example, the Windows Movie Maker team anticipated this type of request and included a feature to export only the audio portion of your video as a WMA file. Instead of placing the movie clip on the Video portion of the timeline, drag it to the Audio/Music section of the timeline. When you go to publish your movie, Windows Movie Maker will ask you about audio quality settings and create a WMA, instead of allowing you to choose a video format.

Then you can convert the WMA to WAV or MP3 to edit with Audacity supplied with your podcastudio. Here are some instructions:


19. Johnathan - January 6, 2009

Thanks for the vid. It was very helpful. One question though. I call in to a site to record my podcast (blogtalkradio). I use Skype. Skype picks up my voice, but I hear nothing in headphones. I have the whole kit hooked up to my PC laptop (Vista) now and when I play your vid, it doesn’t play through the headset, but thru the laptop speakers. Please help!

20. Johnathan - January 6, 2009

Nevermind Bro. I push the CD/Tape to Mix and I can hear everything thru the Headset!

21. Warren Mead - January 7, 2009

Hi there! This site is a great resource for teachers and others new technology and I was glad to find it. I hope it’s OK to post a question because I teach in Japan.

I am a complete beginner to using equipment more advanced than a built-in mic to podcast. That said, I want to make better quality podcasts using GarageBand on a Mac with my students so I bought

1. a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixing console,
2. a Behringer XM8500 microphone,
3. an XLR female to mono jack plug and
4. a connection plug from the mixing console to the Mac’s audio-in socket.

Result: I am getting “extraneous noise” when I start to speak which diminishes when I stop. It sounds like an increase/decrease in volume, a little like bad ducking. I switched the ducking off completely but it didn’t make any difference.

I think I should have bought an XLR to XLR cable which would let me use the phantom power switch on the mixing console. Am I correct? Any advice greatly appreciated.

The products I bought can be seen here:

Console: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-Xenyx-802-Studio-Mixing/dp/B000J5XS3C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1231339770&sr=8-1

Microphone: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-Ultravoice-Xm8500-Cardioid-Microphone/dp/B0002KZAKS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1231339947&sr=1-1

Mic cable: http://www.amazon.co.jp/オーディオテクニカ-audio-technica-AT8309-5-0-マイクロホンケーブル/dp/B00008B5B5/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1231340254&sr=1-1

Mixer – Mac connector: http://www.amazon.co.jp/audio-technica-MusicalSeries-ステレオミ×1-モノラル標準×2-ATL4A62-1-5/dp/B00008B5L9/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1231340140&sr=8-2

Cheers and good luck with this helpful blog, Stu!

Warren (Japan).

22. Podcast Lane - January 8, 2009

Hi Warren,

Unfortunately I don’t have access to this console to check it out, but looking at it, there are several inputs. Try turning all the ones you aren’t using to zero (if you haven’t already). To rule out Garage Band (and ducking) as being a problem, try recording into iMovie. Adjust the Trim control and see if that makes any difference.

Finally, if you have access to a PC, try it with Audacity just to rule out any issues with the Mac. (I know, there are never issues with Macs, but it’s still worth checking 🙂 )

I’m by no means an expert on Podcastudio, but I guess I’m one of the few that stuck their heads up! 🙂

23. Barbara in Missouri - January 11, 2009

I have my Podcaststudio set up exactly like the video. I am using Audacity, and can record and playback. The problem is this: when I record, then playback…my voice sounds very high pitched and the words are unclear. What am I missing?

24. Podcast Lane - January 11, 2009

Hi Barbara in Missouri. I think you’ll find this is not a Podcastudio problem, but an Audacity problem. When you say it’s very high pitched, is it the same speed as it was recorded at or is it faster?

Couple of things to check:

1. Make sure the “Project Rate” down the bottom left is set to 44100 BEFORE you start recording.

2. Make sure Change Pitch in the Effects menu has not been applied

Also, assuming you’re on Windows, try using plain old Sound Recorder to see if the same problem occurs. It shouldn’t.

25. Barbara in Missouri - January 11, 2009

Thanks for the speedy response! #1 and #2 were things that I checked right off the bat, and they are set (or not set) as you mention.

I tried recording with Sound Recorder, and received the same “high pitch” tones. I do think that you are right – it does sound more speeded up – like chipmunks.

Is there something on the xenyx502 that controls speed?

26. Podcast Lane - January 12, 2009

When I say “speeded up”, is the length of the recording shorter than the original? i.e. if you record for 30 secs, does it take 30 secs to play back or is it less? Is it like playing a 45rpm vinyl single at 78rpm for example?

There are no “effects” on the podcastudio kit, so it is definitely not the kit doing it. I suspect your sound card or your USB interface on your PC. Do you have access to another PC/laptop you can test it on?

Do you have an ordinary microphone you can test (to plug into the little pink connector)? I think we’re outside the scope of this article.

27. Anthony - January 17, 2009

Great little video. Very useful. Thanks for putting that together.

28. Tony - January 19, 2009

Hi there, I am using Windows and Audacity software at present. I have managed to get a sample of my voice mixed with music (for podcasting) but I can only hear all this through the headphones and not the computer afterwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

29. Podcast Lane - January 19, 2009

Hi Tony.

I’m confused. You record with Audacity and when you playback, it only plays through the headphones? If it’s doing that, it is playing through the computer to get to the headphones.

When you have finished recording, save the file as a WAV or MP3 or whatever and then try playing it through Media Player while the Podcastudio is DISconnected.

30. Tony - January 21, 2009

Hi again, I figured out what I was doing wrong, thanks for the tips. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to limit background noise so that the podcast sounds like it has been recorded in a proper studio with best quality sound? I’ve heard of home-made solutions like taping things to the wall and what-not but I’m very new to podcasting equipment. When I record my voice, the volume of my voice tends to be very low and the background sound drowns it out a bit despite the mic volume being high on both the console and audacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

31. Podcast Lane - January 21, 2009

Hi Tony,

The mic supplied with Podcastudio is normally quite good at cancelling background noise. Try various adjustments of the PAD dial.

32. Fred - February 6, 2009

Hey Stu,
Is there a place I can send you a screenshot to? When I hook up the UCA200 USB Sound Controller and try to use the recording source as SB Mic my Windows XP does not recognize it. I have a Toshiba Qosmio G35 Laptop with something called SigmaTel Audio but I can use that with the built in mic but not when I change it to USB Audio using the behringer podcast studio. It is driving me nuts. I am just trying to get this thing to work without a humming or background noise. I think I might build a portable mic booth for the mic and see if that gets rid of the background noise. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

P.S. You can email me if you want to.

33. Robert - February 7, 2009

I’d like to link my computer with a cd player and record deck all into a dj mixer, then put the output of the dj mixer into the rca input of the behringer mixer then from the output of the behringer mixer to the interface back to the computer..will this work??

34. Podcast Lane - February 7, 2009

Hi Fred. I don’t do technical support for Behringer. They support their products, particularly if they are still under warranty. Try going here: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Support/index.aspx – Some of the questions coming to this article are very technical and not really related to podcasting at all.

Robert: Are you wanting to do this Live? If not, why not record the CD into a track with a decent music mixer program like Mixcraft 4, and then add your Podcast input as another track?

35. Robert - February 7, 2009

Yeah was hoping to do it live.

36. Podcast Lane - February 7, 2009

If the two computers you are referring to are the same computer, my guess is it won’t work. It may if they are separate computers.

37. CHADOO - February 24, 2009

is tht compatible with vista 32 bit?i didnt see tht vista option on official site…just see xp and mac(os)..

38. Podcast Lane - February 24, 2009

Yes Chadoo. It is compatible with Vista 32-bit.

39. Joe - February 25, 2009

Hi Podcast Lane, I was just wondering what you’ve found to be the optimum setting for the pad dial? I know a lot of people are achieving incredible sounding podcasts with this Behringer set so I assume I must be doing something wrong. I have tried to smooth out recordings in post-production but they still sound like I am recording in a big room even when I am not. Any help on the best dial settings would be much appreciated.

40. Podcast Lane - February 25, 2009

Put on the headphones and connect it all up.

Start with all the dials at 12 o’clock. The only three dials you should need to adjust are TRIM, Main Mix and Headphones. Whenever you adjust the TRIM to the right, it will cut out more background noise, but it will also quieten the whole mix, so you need to compensate by increasing the Main Mix dial. Keep talking into the mic. Watch the LEDs on the mixer. You should regularly be hitting at least two rows of the green lights, but never hitting the red as this will cause clipping.

It is more about controlling the ambient noise – the mixer can only do so much. Remember that flourescent lighting, fridges, your computer, fans etc will all create backgound noise. Hope that helps.

41. Fred - February 26, 2009

The suggestions that he made above are great information. I build a portable sound booth for my mic using an old mil crate and acoustical foam. I also found that by keeping my mic away from the computer(laptop) and keeping it more in front of me helped greatly. I use dual monitor setup if I am recording something on my computer for a screencast. I keep that monitor on top of my old milk crate protable mic soundbooth. I try to use the process of elimination for background noises and troubleshoot them one by one. It is a good idea to also use shielded RCA Jacks and XLR Mic Cable. Try not to run any wires over each other or over electrical cords. That can cause some interference. Hope this helps.

Fred G. (Iowa)

42. michaelleggesblog - March 6, 2009

Hello! Hope you can help. I’ve set it all up as in your video and I’m using Audacity. I can hear sound through the headphones but nothing is being picked up on Audacity. I’m very sad and might cry. That would make a great podcast of course but, sadly, on-one will be able to hear it.

43. Podcast Lane - March 6, 2009

Cheer up Michael. In Audacity, in Edit…Preferences on the Audio I/O tab, what is Recording Device set to? This is the input for Audacity. Also on the mixer, the two black buttons: The top one should be up and the bottom one down. If that doesn’t work, then check all your connections and test your USB port on your PC. Oh, and make sure Audacity is started AFTER you make any changes to connections. Sometimes instead of crying (some PCs aren’t very sympathetic – especially Windows), you could try gently stroking the right-hand side of the case, about 2/3 of the way toward the back and saying “please work…please work”. And violent responses to the PC not reciprocating don’t usually help.

44. Joe - March 25, 2009

Hi Podcast Lane, thanks for your advice you posted earlier. I still seem to have a problem with a hissing sound in the background of my podcasts that really detracts from the sound quality. Whether this is because of the room I am recording in I don’t know, but I’ve tried using three different rooms that are reasonably small, and I’ve even tried recording under a duvet and clothes to improve the sound quality! Any tips on what I could do differently?

45. Podcast Lane - March 26, 2009

Hi Joe. I really don’t think the hiss is coming through your microphone. Sounds like it’s electrically generated through the pre-amp. Try adjusting the Trim dial. The inputs of any of the channels you are not using should be set to zero. Also, make sure that the power transformer box is as far away as possible from the pre-amp as possible and untie the power cable coming from the transformer and spread it out. Keep ALL the cables well separated – not crossing over, not strapped together. Also check your mic levels, maybe you have it too high. Hope that helps.

46. Kelley - March 29, 2009

Hey, great info, how is it with recording vocal tracks? solid?

47. Podcast Lane - March 30, 2009

Hi Kelley, you can judge for yourself. Here’s a pitiful little song I wrote and recorded with Podcastudio:

[audio src="http://sts.sydneyr.det.nsw.edu.au/files/CC/2008/ode_to_a_computer_coordinator.mp3" /]

48. Kelley - March 31, 2009

Great sound! And great song by the way, pretty funny, in a good way.

49. Brian J - March 31, 2009

Stu! Awesome song. That mic does seem to record vocals very well. Was that you playing the instruments as well?

50. Podcast Lane - March 31, 2009

LOL. I wish. The instrument track was put together by loops in Mixcraft 4 – a great little digital mixing desk I use with Podcastudio. Sorry, but I can’t stand Audacity for this type of work.

51. Bradley Vargyas - April 2, 2009

Hi Podcast Lane-

Thanks for the video- I’ve got everything set up, but I’m having trouble actually recording into garageband. I can hear everything via the headphones and the mic picks up well, but nothing is recording into garageband. I’ve tried looking at input and everything else on the system settings, but to no avail. Can you (or anyone else reading this) help me out?

52. Podcast Lane - April 2, 2009

Hi Bradley. Did you adjust your preferences under the file menu in GarageBand to select the USB mic as your input device? Do you have any other USB device connected to your Mac? Try disconnecting anything USB except for Podcastudio, your keyboard and mouse. Did you connect podcastudio into your keyboard or into the back of the Mac? Please DON’T plug into the keyboard. Take a look here as well:

If none of these things help, I’m all out of ideas.

53. Bradley Vargyas - April 2, 2009

It’s a macbook, so I don’t have anything in the way of extra usb plug ins to speak of. The mic and everything works fine, and I’ve played around with the levels and balances on the mixer itself. I’ve noticed that I can hear the stuff in garageband just fine (the metronome for example, and I threw in a jingle and tried that out to see if I could hear it through the headphones only) so I feel that the output in working, the problem must be with the input. The input shows up as USB AUDIO CODEC in garageband- do you think I might need to download a driver or something- I saw things for windows on the CD, but nothing for macs. Or might it be the U Control USB that isn’t working?

54. Javier - April 3, 2009

I cant get the firewire of this kit to work. I got a Mac Book pro running OS X 10.5.6 and when I plug it in it does not recognize it. It shows up as unknown device!

I tried an external hard drive with the same cable and input and it works just fine.

Can anyone help?

55. Podcast Lane - April 3, 2009

Hi Javier. I have no experience with the Firewire model. Take it back to where you bought it and ask them to show you it working with a Mac. It may be faulty. Many places sell this popular model, specifically for the Apple market, so it does work as a product.

56. Bradley Vargyas - April 4, 2009

Okay- got the set to record with the help of Behringer support and switching a few things around. Now, here’s the question- can I record into separate tracks (specifically in Garageband). I know that the mixer itself has 5 inputs for the mic and 4 other things (I got my electric guitar to work as well), but was wondering if I’d be able to assign a different track to each input on the mixer without having to do the aggregate device thing. I’m thinking this might only be possible via firewire.

57. Jesus - April 4, 2009

I do not believe this is possible Bradley. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to record 5 simultaneous analogue inputs through the preamp and get Garage Band to magically separate those into tracks. It’s all dependednt on what the Firewire controller can do. Here’s the specs and at the bottom, the manual:

58. Podcast Lane - April 4, 2009

Thanks Jesus. For Windows users, there are also updated drivers for both the Firewire and USB controllers in the Podcastudio kit:

USB: http://www.behringerdownload.de/UCONTROL/BEHRINGER_2902_WIN32_2.8.17.zip
Firewire: http://www.behringerdownload.de/UCONTROL/fca202_1.0.0.zip

59. Nev Filby - May 19, 2009

Hi Stu,
Can you tell me where we purchase one of these behringers? DO we need to go therough Region IT? We are in Sydney Region.
Also whats the best way to publish the podcasts? Is there a module in moodle that will allow this or does it need to be uploaded to an exteranl site?

60. Podcast Lane - May 19, 2009

Hi Neville, Have a read of the first comment under this podcast:

Here are some links to assist with setting oup podcasts in Moodle:

61. Tommy - August 21, 2009

I have a question that may have been answered. I have set the podcast up just like the vodcast says. I initially had an issue with low sound as well but I realized I had my wires crossed. The headphones sound great…………very crisp and very loud. I absolutely cannot get the mic to work. I have tried on several computers. I even tried a different mic. The lights on the XENYX do not bounce like I would assume they would if you are talking into the mic. (Mic is on I swear) I only have a blue power light. I have set it in control panel, disabled my on board audio, etc and I have only been able to get it to work once and the echo was so bad I had to stop. I can test and hear audio all day with the XENYX 502 but thats about all? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using Windows XP
Recording with Adobe Soundbooth ( Tried the others and they did not work either)

62. Podcast Lane - August 22, 2009

Hi Tommy. Assuming you’ve connected it all up correctly, if you can hear the mic through the headphones as a direct monitor, but can’t get the mic to go through to the PC, then I’d be questioning the USB analog to digital converter. If you can’t hear anything from the mic at all then it could be the pre-amp itself. Take it back to where you bought it, tell them to show you it working and if it doesn’t get them to replace it.

63. TNS - August 26, 2009

Hi, there! This is EXCELLENT! The instructions in the box are very unclear! I’m a newbie and very technologically “slow” for lack of a better word. Do you know if there is a similar video for the Behringer PodcastStudio bundle with FireWire?

This is the bundle my husband just bought me and I’m really struggling to get it set up. Any help you can offer would be great!

Thanks so much for taking the time to record and post this videocast!

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