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Podcasting? Get a Good Mic! April 14, 2008

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Many podcast sites on the internet provide some great content, but unfortunately, the sound quality is often unbearable. Combine bad quality sound with a 20 minute diatribe and you’ll quickLogitech ClearChat Pro USBly be turned off podcasting yourself.  Here at Podcast Lane, we’re taking it a little more seriously.  For a start, each podcast is no more than 4 minutes long and sound quality is very important to us – as it should be to you!

If you’re interested in starting podcasting yourself, you really should invest in a good microphone. Gone are the days of the analogue mic with the little round plug. As an absolute minimum, you should look at the Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset, or if you really want your podcasts to sound Behringer Podcastudio USBgreat, the Behringer Podcastudio USB is an excellent option.  Both are pictured here. 

The podcast below discusses all of these options and includes sound tests so you can hear the differences.  The analogue microphone you’ll hear had the audio properties significantly tweaked in order to get a passable recording. Click the Play button below to hear the podcast.

(Duration 2:49)

Download this podcast to your PC or MP3 player.  Any feedback or questions on this podcast? Just add them to the comments section.




1. Podcast Lane - April 14, 2008

Before you ask, yes, both the Logitech headset and the Podcastudio work with Windows AND Apple OSX.

If you’re in Sydney Australia, we’ve arranged with AZ Computers a special price of just A$44.00 for the Logitech ClearChat Pro USB headset – call them on 0405 418 612 or email to service@azcn.com.au – these are normally $59.95.

For the Behringer Podcastudio USB, we’ve arranged educational pricing at around $180.00 from ComputersNow at Crows Nest. Call (02) 9951 7979 and ask for Helen or Joel – These are normally $199.00.

2. Podcast Lane - April 17, 2008

For good instructions on setting up the Behringer Podcastudio, take a look here: https://podcastlane.wordpress.com/2008/04/16/setting-up-the-behringer-podcastudio/

3. Mary Bridges - July 21, 2008

Would you recommend condensor or directional mic?

4. Podcast Lane - July 21, 2008

Hi Mary. Because podcasts tend to involve the human voice mainly, a condensor mic is the better option. Here’s a good writeup:

Also, while this article suggests “throwing away” the headset mic, the Logitech one we’ve suggested here is still a good option.

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