Lenovo M58 Dual Monitor Setup

The Lenovo M58 desktop PC (2009 and 2010 T4L Rollout)  has a standard VGA port, but it also has a “DisplayPort” which can be used to connect a second monitor very easily – all you need is an appropriate DisplayPort adaptor cable. This video shows how to set it up. All you need is a […]

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Using Jeopardy in the Classroom

With schools getting data projectors and interactive whiteboards, we’re always on the lookout for interactive, educational and fun activities that can involve the whole class using this great equipment. The longest running and most popular quiz-based gameshow in the world is Jeopardy! And now you can play it with your students in the classroom.  But not […]

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Choosing a Blog-Hosting Service

Part 1: Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging Part 2: Students Blogging in Class Part 3: Naming Your Classroom Blog This is the fourth podcast in this series of classroom blogging and now we move onto the important step of selecting an appropriate blog hosting service for the great classroom resource we’d like to […]

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Naming Your Classroom Blog

Part 1: Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging Part 2: Students Blogging in Class This is the third podcast in this series of classroom blogging. In it we focus on the process of finding a suitable username and blog title for your class blog. It’s not as straightforward as you think – neither is choosing […]

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Students Blogging in Class

In the podcast “Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging“, we discussed the reasons and benefits of blogging in the classroom, but for the blogging-novice, there are student privacy, security and policy concerns that must be considered.   In this podcast, we will focus on the pre-requisite understandings that any teacher or school needs before setting […]

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